Why ERM Technology

Designed for logical and interactive use, the SERVTRAC repair management system is the new way of working. Consisting of a number of integrated applications allowing for a pick and mix solution that can grow and be adapted to suit your business.

Appropriate for any appliance repair, White Goods, Audio Visual, Heating, Mobile Phones and others, the system keeps track of all your repairs, past and present. SERVTRAC keeps tabs of all Clients, Customers, Appliances, Jobs, Home visits, Parts, Prices, Charges, Communications, Events, Insurance Details as well as Staff, Equipment and Vehicle data as required.

Work Generators (Clients), Service Centres & Repairers (Agents), Customers (End Users) can all interact and view appropriate information in 'real time' so time consuming and costly verbal communications can be kept to a minimum.

Our pricing is clear and transparent so you can build your system to suit your needs and as it is 'cloud' based it is available anywhere, anytime where you have an internet connection.

Each type of system gives you the control to set up access rights and user privileges for your staff and partners so your confidential data is just that, confidential.

Information can be input and retrieved from fixed sites, portable computers and mobile phones either directly into SERVTRAC, via your website, laptop, tablet or mobile.

The system already 'talks' with Samsung's GSPN, PCCSUK 'Skyline, Servast and D&G's Orbit with more to follow, so you have one main system to save your time and money.

The complete integration provides complete flexibility to work with the way you run your business. The repair module gives you the data you need to run your business efficiently and other modules keep track of your staff's data, assets, equipment and your finances.


The fast road to easy, efficient and effective repair management 
- the MARNIE information and control management systems