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Established in 1975 we sold and repaired white goods becoming one of the first Hoover Service Centres. Because of our sister company, Kitchens International selling built in equipment we became involved in repairing built in equipment and started to become multi-branded working for many of the leading and smaller manufacturers. By 1980 we started to deploy our own software written by yet another of our sister companies, Digital Marketing Specialists, and as the internet developed produced our own repair management software.

Not content with the industry products available we developed our own field based systems using laptop computers connected to our main server. With the advent of the smartphone the technology became more suitable for field interaction and so we produced an Android app to link back to our servers and other 'cloud' held information. The total 'Web' application had at last become more affordable and practical to really make the information accessible and affordable for the repair industry.

After 3 plus years of development we now have a suite of programmes to suit all sectors of the repair industry so enabling independent repairers to compete on an equal footing with some of the largest players in the industry.

The MARNIE software has come of age with the experience of over 40 years of repairing and the integration with the latest technological advances of the internet and mobile functionality.

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